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 Version 7.0

Windows: All Versions

License : Free

Zip Size: 15K 

Downloading MemTest (free)

Click here to download MemTest.zip

To install just unzip into a folder of your choice. To uninstall just delete the contents of that folder. Running MemTest does not modify any files on your computer or modify your registry. 

Note: you are downloading the free version. We also make a Pro version that enhances and extends the free version's ability to test your computer's memory.  It is tuned to the needs of users who diagnose the quality of RAM often, or test multiple PCs, and it produces a error log that you can send to your computer manufacturer.  Find out more about the Pro Version here



Gamers: does your computer feel slow or laggy? Measure your monitor's input lag! You might be surprised how slow it is.



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